High pressure ground test units
    High pressure ground test units ,indispensable to formation testing and oil testing, are mainly composed of wellhead control head, floor manifolds, flexible manifolds, safety valve, upper data head, flow nipple manifold, lower data head, air dividing manifolds, and distribution and discharge manifolds. Parts, with good interchangeability, are made on the basis of introduced technologies from SPM and FMC.

   All parts are made of material approved by SPM and heat-treated accordingly, and the unit should pass hydrostatic pressure test under maximum working pressure rating. This unit is featured by small footprint and lightweight, and it is easy for transportation. All control valves are low-torque plug valves and gate valves, and manifolds are connected by unions or flanges which are easily connected and interchanged with other products.

   Wellhead test units, widely used in drilling and workover operations, can effectively control well kick, and are used for well test control and wellhead test. And its floor manifolds can be used for cementing and acidizing operations. They are often made up of floor manifolds, control head(up-holding or down-holding type) and hose loops.
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