Control Box for Hydraulic Chock Manifold
1. Introduction:
Set on drill platform, the control box can remotly control the hydraulic valve of chock manifold. There are standpipe pressure gauge, casing pipe pressure gauge, valve opening gauge, oil pressure gauge, barometric pressure gauge and three position four-way directional control valve, that installed in the control unit panel.
The air source of the control box is from pneumatic control system of drill rig, and the oil pressure gauge can indicate the hydraulic data of hydraulic control system. The three position four-way directional control valve can control the open and close of the hydraulic chock valve by route control, thus the valve opening can be indicated, and the casing pipe and the stand pipe pressure of well shut-in can be controlled.
Pneumatic valve phrase transducer is installed on the cylinder of hydraulic chock manifold, input pressure0.35Mpa, output pressure return to  valve opening gauge, thus to indicate the opening of the hydraulic chock manifold.
There are two optional single transmission forms of the standpipe and the casing pipe pressure.
1.Pneumatic vibration-proof pressure transducer.
This transducer can transform the pressure change of standpipe and casing pipe into the change that under a low pressure, and then sent back proportionally to the standpipe pressure gauge or the casing pipe pressure gauge on the control box. This kind of gauge is secondary instrument.
2. Vibration-proof pressure sensor.
This sensor is piston type, with hydraulic oil as its transmitting media. Its ratio of transformation is1:4, which can make the high mud pressure transformed and indicated as a low number. With display scale 360° and minimum graduation 20Psi, This sensor has advantage of high accuracy and excellent vibration-proof performance when used together with chock manifold control unit.
2. Main technical parameters
1.Air source pressure: 0-0.6Mpa(Clean air source)
2.ambient temperature: -40℃-70℃
3.Rating work pressure: 3Mp
4.Maximum output oil pressure 4Mp
5.Fluid circuit connection:quick coupling M22 x 1.5
6.Gas circuit connection: quick coupling M16 x 1.5
7.Hydraulic oil specification:10# aeronautic hydraulic oil
8.Rating output oil pressure of orifice hydraulic chock manifold control unit: 6-8 Mpa
1)Chock manifold control unit:700x 470 x 1200
2)Dual-hydraulic chock manifold control unit:780x 490 x 1200
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