The BPM downhole motor is a kind of drilling tools developed for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through power section which is made up of a stator and a rotor. The motors are usually divided into two kinds, single lobe (1/2) and multi lobes (N/N+1) motors, according to the quantities of the lobes of the stator and rotor. Generally speaking, for motors of the same length of rotor/stator section, the more the lobes are, the higher the output torque is, vice versa. The motors are usually used together with cone bits, diamond bits and so on in drilling operation, such as directional and vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, correcting deviation, coring, reaming, sidetracking, etc.
    BPM downhole motors may also be equipped with extended power section. Comparing with common motors, they are greatly increased in output torque and power, which help to increase penetration rate markedly. The BPM downhole motors enjoy high prestige in the North America market because of their prominent performance and more than thousand hours working life.
    Downhole motor adjustable bent housing is optional. It can easily adjust the bent angle from 0 to 3 degrees (between 0 to 3 degrees) in the rig floor without shim. The angle is directly pointed to the high side of tool face.
    BPM downhole motor has independent intellectual property rights like anti-friction connecting rod. It obviously improves the capacity of the motor and also increased the running time.
    Also BPM owns patented oil-lubricated sealed bearing assembly, which improves its load and working time without interruption. The new type drive shaft that designed for long life downhole motor can resist shock, vibration and high load; meets the requirement of complex drilling. The housing of the drive shaft can match a stabilizer with different models and sizes.
    BPM has been the first and only one in China to lead the development of downhole tools applied for air/foam drilling, can provide series downhole motors for under-balanced drilling application.

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