We can provide various hammer unions based on the introduced technologies from SPM, including thread connection type, welding type and H2S service unions. 1"~4" and CWP of 1000Psi~20000Psi(7MPa~140MPa) unions are available. For easy identification, unions with different pressure ratings will be painted in different colours, and there are evident marks indicating size, connecting mode and pressure ratings.
The model of conventional union (thread connection): FIG100、FIG200、FIG206、FIG400、FIG402、FIG602、FIG1002、FIG1502;rated: 1000psi(7MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).

The model of Welding Union: FIG20、FIG60、 FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2002;rated: 2000psi(14MPa)~20000psi(140MPa).

The model of H2S welding union: FIG602、FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2202、Tr120×6、Tr150×6、Tr180×8;rated: 5000psi(35MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).

Reliable Sealing performance
Seal rings are made of quality rubber compound which greatly enhance load-bearing capacity and sealing performance and protect connectors from erosion. Different pressures and applications have different sealing method.

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