Our company offer tries its best to make the top-quality products in its credit tradition , long design and making history of more than 30 years for more than 100,000 users in the world , perfectly combine with the European styles .Our products based on atandard boom and lengthen boom , can conquer different work with different attachments . It is the fourth generation products with intellectual property right . The 4th generation products adopt well received LG50 transmission , which improves the performance of the machine .

Main specifications and characters

1、  Best combination between power and transmission : Yuchai YC6108G ( TD226B ) + LG50 Transmission + LG strengthened driving axle .

2、  A high-power pump , is uesed , and the lifting , lowing and dumping time is 9.2 seconds .

3、  Lifting capacity : of boom : 7T .
4、  The dust-proof design is taken for the pins to improve the service lift of pins and bushings .
5、  The cables and jackets adopt inflaming-retarding materials and can prevent from fire resulting from short circult .
6、  With a closed radiating system , it can get a lower engine water temperature and a lower oil temperature of hydraulic system to prolong the service lift of the whole machine .
7、  The load-sensing hydraulic steering system is portable and reliable .
8、  Articulated frames increase the steering angle to 38 degree and reduce the steering radius , which makes working in narrow land possible .
9、  With a larger tilt angle of bucket , it can load more and save time .
10、 Double sealed hydraulic adaptors with lingong patent , can keep oil lines against any leakage .
11、 The machine is 200mm longer than normal products , which improves the work performance .
Introduction to the main configurations
Ebgine : Yuchai YC6108 4-stroke , inline diesel engine , turbo-changed direct-injection , high power and torque reserve , low fuel consumption and noise , high reliability . Big fan with wide blade and large radiator , suitable for seaside , high tenperature and humidity environments . Deutz TD226B-6 engine is optional .
Transmission Torque converter : The single-phase , 4 elements hydraulic torque converter can make a good use of an engine and enlarge torque to make a larger tractive force . With a planetary transmission of LG50 , it is compact , higher transmission and speed and longer in service lift .
Brake system : Service brake : Air over hydraulic dise brake on 4 wheels ensure drive safely and brake smoothly . Parking brake is cable control disc brake .
Cab : With new steel frame , the cab features wider view field , reliable safety and low noise , the internal decoration is made with the luxury materials for noise-prood and heat resistance . The suspending saet is designed specially for the operators to lower vibrations . Air conditioner , CD player , caution light are optional .
Hydraulic system : The load-sensing hydraulic steering system is protable and reliable . The hydraulic system is an optimized design . The fluid joints are well-known brands in china . The pipe lines have long durability .
Drive axle : The enforced driving axle of lingong brand is higher in load capacity and reliability since it is best in performance and technology . It is good in stability because of a fair loading distribution between front and rear axles .
Welding structure : Articulate frames , small turning radius , high ground clearance . Both front and rear frames are designed in a box structure , lingong patent . the whole loader is fair in loading distribution , larger loading capacity and good stability .
Electric system : The cable and jackets are made in the anti-flamingmaterials . High-grade domestic election parts have long service life .
Optional working equipments : bigger bucket , snow remover equipment , side dumping bucket , log grapple , grass grapple , rock bucket .
Item                            Specification
Overall working weight             10700kg
Rated bucket capacity               1.8m
Rated load                        3T
Max . tractive force                 ≥105KN
Max . breakout force                ≥96KN
Max . gradeability                  300
Max . dumping height               2950mm
Dumping distance                  1050mm
Overall dimension                  7100×2510×3170mm
Model                           YC6108G
Type                            Inline , water cooling , dry cylinder , direct injection
Number of cylinder-bore/stroke       6-¢108×125mm
Max torque                       463NM
Rated power                      92KW
Rated speed                      2200r/min
Min fuel-consume ratio             ≤210g/KW.h
Transmission system
Torque converter                 Single plase , 4 elements , double turbo
Modulus of converter              4.19
Transmission                    Planetary power shift
Gear shift                       2 forward shift , 1 reverse shift
Max speed                      38km/h
Front and rear axles
Main transmission type            Spiral gear , first stage decelerate
Final decelerate type              First stage , planetary gear decelerate
Type specification                17.5-25
Front tyre pressure                0.33~0.35Mpa
Rear tyre pressure                0.27~0.29Mpa
Steering system
Type                          Articulated load-sensing hydraulic steering system
Steering angle                  380 each side
Min tuming radius               Outside of bucket 5912mm , Outside of rear wheel 5381mm
Hydraulic system
System working pressure          16Mpa
Boom lifting time                ≤5.3s
Total time                      ≤9.2s
Brake system
Service brake                   Ait over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
Parking brake                   Manual parking brake
Fill capacity
Fuel                           140L
Hydraulic oil                    130L
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