BZX10A Rotary Drilling Rig
BZX-10A rotary drilling rig is a large diameter high efficiency cast-in-situ pile pore-forming device applied in pile foundation construction of high-rise buildings, large-sized bridges and water conservancy works. Friction resistance and mechanic lock extension drill pipe can be used, the drilling diameter is up to 1.4m and drilling depth is up to 40m. Multiple drilling tools can be provided for drilling in various strata structures.
In a self-made chassis design, the extendable special crawler chassis design is according to rotary driller characteristics which can provide smooth, safe and reliable operation.
Cummins 6BTA5.9 electronic fuel injection turbo-charging inter-cooling engine is incorporated featuring in high power, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise. It can work will in various working conditions. Advanced extendable crawler chassis is adopted with reasonable counterweight system for stable and reliable operation.
Inclination and depth indicators can automatically detect drilling depth and verticality, ensuring piling quality. Advanced moving device can keep the mast vertical to the ground when change driller working amplitude. Manual leveling system is simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, safe and reliable.
Stable and highly efficient hydraulic system: full hydraulic drive system, advanced pilot control system and worldwide famous brand critical components guarantee the stable, reliable and durable system. This makes operation convenient and comfortable. Intelligent power head control can automatically change drilling speed and output torque according to different geologic conditions to realize full power real-time control and minimize energy consumption.
Multiple drilling tools and drill pipes configuration: friction resistant and mechanical lock drill pipes can be used, together with short spiral bit, conventional bit and sand bit.

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